Topic Name Description
URL Fun Continent Link
URL History of Halloween
URL Sites of Encounter Interview Flipgrid
Medieval Europe URL Medieval Europe Unit Calendar
File Ch. 2 Study Guide
URL Castle Film
URL Lego Feudalism Clip
File Ch. 2 Fling the Teacher
URL Viking Invader Game
URL Tribute to Medieval Movies Video Clip
URL Feudalism Slide Show
URL Arming a Knight Video Clip
URL Match the Artifact Game
URL More Coat of Arms Links
File Ch. 3 Study Guide
File Ch. 3 Fling the Teacher.swf
URL Monty Python and the Holy Grail- Annoying Peasant Scene
File Ch. 6 Fling the Teacher.swf
URL Istanbul not Constantinople
File Ch 5 fling finished.swf
URL Horrible Histories Song - King John and the Magna Carta
URL Black Death Song - Gwen Stefani
URL English Word Origin Game
URL Anglo Saxon Money Game
URL Bayeaux Tapestry Animated
URL Script Writing Example
URL Medieval Bread Recipe
URL Medieval Recipes (yes, bread, too!!)
URL Viking Interactive- The Field Museum
URL Viking Short Introduction Clip (Student Made)
URL History Channel "Life of a Viking" Short Video
URL History Channel- "Who Where the Vikings?
URL Castle Documentary (Short and Student Made)
URL Knight Documentary
URL Battle of Hastings Flipgrid
Islam URL 2018 Islam Unit Calendar
URL Flocabulary for Islam
File Ch 7 study guide.doc
URL Kahoot Geographical Terms for Arab Peninsula
URL Survival Guide Template to COPY
URL Survival Guide Directions
URL Arabian Peninsula Antique Maps for Survival Guide
URL Camel Song
File Ch. 8 Study Guide
URL BBC Life of Muhammad -Part 1 Film Documentary
URL Inside: Mecca
URL 8 Pointed Star Directions
File 8 Pointed Start Template
File Ch. 9 Study Guide
URL Inside the Kaaba Youtube Video Link
URL 8 Pointed Star Assignment
URL Example Muezzin Call
URL Large Group of Muslims Praying Video Link
URL Sufi Whirling Dervish
File Ch. 10 Study Guide
File Ch. 10 Fling the Teacher.swf
URL Chess Rules
File Instructions for moving your chess pieces
URL Play Chess HERE (not blocked!)
URL Play Chess Here
URL Ch. 11 Presentation Notes
URL Crusades: The Crescent and the Cross Youtube Link
URL Islam Interactive Games
URL Islam: Empire of Faith film
URL Newspaper Names Link
URL Presentation - The Introduction to the Crusades
URL Iranian Revolution Persepolis Activity
URL How to Open a Pomegranate
Medieval Africa URL 2018-9 West Africa Calendar
File Ch. 12 Study Guide
File Ch. 13 Study Guide
File Ch. 14 Study Guide
File Ch. 15 Study Guide
URL Play Mancala! (Medieval African Board Game)
Medieval China URL Medieval China and Japan Calendar
File Ch. 17-19 Study Guide
File Imperial_Dynasties_China.doc
File Imperial China Study Guide.doc
File Chinese_Dynasties.ppt
File Chinese Poetry.doc
URL 1421: The Year Chinese Discovered America? Part 1 Documentary
URL 1421: The Year China Discovered America?
File Art
URL Imperial China- Ch. 16 Rap (Yes, rap)
Folder Chinese Discoveries
URL Ch. 18 Placards
Medieval Japan URL Medieval China and Japan Calendar
File Ch. 20 Study Guide
URL Samurai Lingo Video Clips
URL Ikebana Flower Arranging
URL Ikebana- Old Style
URL Children of the Camp (Internment Camp Website)
URL Origami Crane Help
URL Origami Website
URL Japan National Geographic Clip
URL Samurai Film Link
URL Sumo Wrestling
URL Geisha Link
URL Geisha Dance Link
URL Japanese Names
URL Japan - National Geographics - 4:30 minute film
URL Origami Website
URL Traditional Japanese Names
URL Samurai Helmet Template Tinkercad
URL Tinkercad Search
URL Tinkercad Samurai Helmets- Add Links HERE
Inca, Aztec, Maya URL Krislyn's Inca, Aztec, Maya Calendar
URL Sample of an Annotated Bibliography
URL Mayan 2012 Calendar Bizarro Comic
URL Mayan Dictionary
URL Inca Aztec Maya Fact Finding Expedition
URL Mesoamerica Flocabulary
URL Krislyn Research Index Hunt
URL Krislyn Flipgrid
URL CMS Library Databases
Renaissance and Reformation URL 2019 Renaissance and Reformation Calendar
URL Presentation Renaissance Chit-chat - Vocabulary
URL Renaissance Vocab Quizlet
File Ch. 28 Study Guide
File Ch. 29 Study Guide
File Ch. 30 Study Guide
File Ch. 31 Study Guide
File Ch. 32 Study Guide
URL Masters of Illusion - Part 1
URL The Medici's: Godfathers of the Renaissance- Episode 1
URL The Medici's: Godfathers of the Renaissance
File Fling the Teacher 32.swf
URL Masters of Illusion Part 1
URL Renaissance Flocabulary WS
URL Renaissance Flocabulary
URL Battle for the BIble Youtube Link
URL Battle for the Bible - PBS
Renaissance Faire File Local Thrift Stores- for Costumes
File Renaissance Faire Packet
File Renaissance Power Point Template
File Renaissance Faire Power Point Example
URL Source for Renaissance Clothing, Materials, and Patterns
Source for Renaissance Clothing, Materials, and Patterns
URL Great Costume Tips and Requirements
URL Renaissance Songs Link
URL Renaissance Clothing Website
URL Elizabethan Names
URL Renaissance Names and Culture
URL Another Shakespeare Insult Generator
Use in good taste
URL Shakespearean Insult Finder
File Renaissance Faire Fools & Jesters Handout
URL Renaissance Beverage Ideas
URL English Country Ren Faire Dance
URL English Country Ren Faire Dance #2
URL Ren Faire Power Point Example/Template
URL Mr. Krislyn's Recorder Lesson
URL How to Fold a Kilt for the Renaissance Faire!
File Galette Recipe
Explore, Revolt, Enlighten URL Exploration Walk the Plank Game
URL Age of Exploration Jeopardy
URL Age of Exploration Information
URL Primary Source on Columbus
URL Additional Primary Source on Columbus
URL Third Primary Source of Columbus
URL Ch. 33 Cornell Notes
URL Ch. 33 Presentation
Travel Journal URL Dye Paper Instructions