Possible Segment Ideas

- Possible Story Topics -

1. Feature package on a school club or organization.

2. Feature package on a teacher.

3. Feature package on a coach.

4. Feature package on a student.

5. Could the administration pass the SAT/ACTs?

6. Teen diets/Are you what you eat?

7. Senior wisdom-What would they have done differently (as it pertains to school) if they had known as a freshman, what they know now?

8. Things to do in you home town on a budget.

9. Things to do for fun and entertainment when you don't own a car (or drive).

10. Fire Dept/Police Dept. ride-alongs.

11. Tips for Teens

12. Orthodontia — Who's in? A fun piece on the joy (or not) of braces.

13. Feature pieces on the artists, dancers, actors & musicians at school (students and teachers).

14. School Safety — what to do in an emergency (fire, natural disaster, lock-down, bomb scare, etc).

15. Bullying

16. Unusual Jobs/ Dirty Jobs

17. A day in the life of a...

18. The high cost of prom.

19. How to land a great summer job.

20. Sports injuries.

21. Do parents give too much to their kids?

22. Coverage of all school sports/teams.

23. Community service opportunities.

24. How safe is your car? Could it pass a safety inspection?

25. Are you a safe driver or are you a "road hazard"?

26. Feature on learning to drive.

27. Does peer pressure control you?

28. Do you get enough sleep?

29. Prescription drug abuse

30. Do you know the dress code? What is it exactly?

31. Germs — What's growing on your desk/keyboard?

32. Neighborhood hang-outs.

33. The all too common practice of buying clothes, wearing them and then returning them

34. Eating disorders

35. Teens and gambling

36. Underage drinking/Alcohol abuse

37. The consequences of cheating

38. What should you expect from your teacher?

39. Internet Safety

49. What do teens spend their money on?

41. Your cell phone ring tone, what does it say about you?

42. Feature on local bands.

43. How are teachers using technology in your classroom?

44. How do teens get their news and info?

45. Excuses teens use — Why was your homework not turned in? Why were you late?

46. Why did you miss school?

47. Teens and credit cards/cash management

48. Students and stress/are you doing too much?

49. Teens and depression

50. Are you an internet addict?

51. Text messaging

52, Feature on a veteran in your community

53. Summer School

54. Weight training and teens

55. Spring Break travel plans

56. Dysfunctional relationships

57. YouTube and how i t empowers

58. Social Networking

59. Do students understand the first amendment?

60. Plagiarism

61. Students around the world — similarities, differences and bias. Exchange students

No matter what story a crew covers they should remember that they should cover

the story in an honest and professional manner. Viewers should be able to trust

what they see and hear.

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