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  • Carmel High School Choral Music


    Corona-cation Game Plan

    I am going to miss you guys over this break. While you are away, wash your hands A LOT and do all those things you never have time to do like read the Encyclopedia from start to finish.

    Obviously, given the nature of our choir experience, it's a bit difficult to continue with our regular work. There are however a couple of things I want you to do on a regular basis so that our musical minds and voices don't atrophy too much! You will keep track of your daily work (see below for details) using this log.

    1) Breezin' Thru Music Theory: The minimum requirement for everyone is to Complete 2 drills a dayYour overall goal for the next two weeks is to complete Chapter 2. If you can get further, GREAT!

    In case you have forgotten how to get logged in and begin working, here's a quick step by step reminder.

    • Go to
    • Select the red LOGIN button in the upper right corner
    • Use the following login credentials. USERNAME: carmelhs PASSWORD: clef9393
    • Scroll down to "Launch one of the cool tools" and choose "NextGen' Edition". This opens a new page with "Breezin' Thru Theory" and a play button. Push the play button.
    • Scroll down to the Chapter Index and begin where you last left off.
    • Complete all the Lessons and Mad Dash Drills associated with the Chapter you are currently working on. Make sure you Review Answers if you miss any and then either Redo or Submit the Drill.
    • Remember you can navigate back or to other lessons or drills, using the Chapter Contents arrow at the bottom of the page. To navigate to other chapters, use the red book icon in the upper right hand corner.

    2) Song PracticeSpend a minimum of 15 minutes a day listening to the following recordings of our songs and practicing your part. 

    Concert Choir

    The Cloths of Heaven (click title for PDF of music)

    Lammaa Badaaa (click title for PDF of music)

     or this really cool performance 

    Cantate Canticum Novum (click title for PDF of music)

    Concert Choir Mens' Chorus - I have finally selected our three songs for Heritage. If Heritage doesn't happen, we can still look at performing them on another performance

    Come Travel With Me (click title for PDF of music)


    Omnia Sol (click title for PDF of music)

    Man of La Mancha (click title for PDF of music)


    Chamber Singers

    Cerf Volant (click title for PDF of music)

    Barter (click title for PDF of music)

    Chili Con Carne or

    Die Mainacht (click title for PDF of music)

    Heritage Festival Tour Online Registration

    1. Go to and choose the blue REGISTER button at the top of the page. A pop up "Register for a Program" window appears. Enter the following Trip ID: 176585. This will open a new window.
    1. Complete steps 1-5 starting with the Traveler Information. For Classification, choose Student. Students should use their CUSD email address. Review and confirm details. Once the Confirmation page appears, choose Logout and Exit page.
  • New Student (applies to ALL students) Information & Requirements

    Here you will find everything you need to get started in choir whether you begin the first day of school or later.

    This CHECKLIST will ensure that you complete all tasks. Submit it with all supporting documents when you have completed all tasks on the list. Partially completely checklists will not be accepted.

    1) Course Description Consent Form: Have you read the Course Description (Concert ChoirChamber Singerscarefully paying particular attention to the Grading details and information on Mandatory Performances? This is available ONLY on the MySchool page - paper copies are not being distributed. Submit the signed consent form (both you and your parent must sign). By signing this form, you and your parent are agreeing to abide by the information contained in the Course Description.

     2) Field Trip Permission Form Packets & Parent Waiver: Turn in the packet making sure that ALL forms are completed (permission forms for the CCS and CCDA Honor Choir Festivals will be distributed later to interested students). All parents complete the “Classroom Volunteer & Field Trip Chaperone” form so that I have this on file if they decide to chaperone an event this year. They only have to do this form once for the whole year!

     3) Performance Outfit Rental Agreement: Complete the form with your Name, Music Ensemble, and Student and Parent Signatures ONLY. You do NOT need to complete any other information.

     4) Music Boosters Enrollment Form (OPTIONAL): Turn in a completed enrollment form with check, cash, or pay online (link is on CUSD website). PLEASE consider supporting this vital organization by becoming a member. This is optional but absolutely essential for the health of our music program.

     5) Mandatory Performance Dates: Tear this off and keep for your records. By checking this box you certify that you have posted the printed calendar of mandatory dates and written them in family calendars. An electronic copy is available on the class MySchool page.

     6) Register for All new and returning students must do this even if you previously registered for the same class. Here are the instructions for Concert Choir and Chamber Singers.

  • Chamber Singers Auditions for Next School Year

    If you are interested in joining this outstanding choral ensemble for next year, you will need to come and sing an audition for me during office hours on January 16 or 30. A sign-up sheet will be posted on the bulletin board in the music room. You will sign-up for a specific time slot.

    The audition will consist of three tasks, very similar to the CCS and ACDA Honor Choir auditions:

    1)  Prepared Song: Sing “Sebben Crudele”. Practice recordings and sheet music are available here.

    2)  Sight-reading: You will be asked to sight-read 1 melody from sight.

    3)  Vocalize to determine vocal range

    • Sheet music and practice recordings for Sebben Crudele - this years audition song for Chamber Singers.

      Sopranos to choose the high voice version. Altos should choose the low version. Not sure which too choose? Try both and sing the one that is most comfortable.