Photography II and Graphics II

AP Studio Art: Drawing

Do you want to learn how to draw, paint or sculpt? In this introductory class you will learn the skills to express yourself visually. You will experience a dynamic and fun studio art environment that engages your visual creativity. This course is designed to provide students with a wide variety of experiences with art media including instruction in drawing, painting, color theory, sculpture, ceramics, composition, design, printing, and printmaking. This is an introduction to visual fine arts and is a prerequisite to take Art 2/3, which is similar to this class but expands the beginning students range of art techniques and concepts. Critiques use written and/or oral analysis of aesthetics, historical art and cultural perspectives as per UC/CSU requirements. Students will create a bound art book to show sequential progress throughout the year in expressive art making. 

This advanced art class is designed for the more dedicated art student who wishes to further develop his/her drawing, painting, and sculpting abilities and artistic voice. Composition, design and technical skills will be taught in conjunction with more advanced art concepts in the art process. This fun but rigorous class will include further training in drawing with various materials, leading to individual work in painting (acrylics, pastel and watercolor). Independent thinking and a personal style in artistic expression are encouraged on this advanced level. Art history, aesthetics, critiques and portfolio development are encompassed in the class throughout the course.

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