Topic outline


    6th Period - Room 48

    Mrs. Pollock

    831.624.1821 ext 3748

    • To complete Consumer Math/Personal Finance you must:


      1. Share with me the last 5 entries of your Stock Market Journal (half of you have completed this).


      1. Take a picture of your portfolio/binder with your face so I know that you actually have this helpful and amazing binder that you may use throughout your 20’s (all but 2 have done this), it is a great resource!


      1. Share with me, via e-mail, your Travel/Trip Google Slides Presentation, worth 132  Assessment points as this is the project you were almost ready to present in March.   The specifics of the presentation are found below under the bold print as well as the Grading Rubric.

      Please read the Grading Rubric so you do not miss anything!  


      Anything else we may have discussed or previously posted has been cancelled!


      THE LAST DAY TO TURN IN ANY ONE OF THE ABOVE three is Monday, MAY 25th.  If you are missing any of the above three, you will receive a no credit in the class because you will not have completed the requirements of the course this semester.    


      1.    You need a title slide with your name(s), dates you are traveling and name of your country.

      2.    You must include details of how you are getting to the airport specifically, with airport boarding and travel times - also flying time in the air,

      landing time (most likely the following day). Same with the return flight home (mostly all done in one day due to time reversal).  Do not forget to mention where you clear Immigration on the way into your country, and where you will

      be declaring purchases and clearing Customs on your return home.

      3.    Two slides per day and the slides must have the day at the top, i.e. Day 1, followed by Day 1 continued, etc.

      4.    Specifics of each day including local daily transportation.  How are you going to get from that beach bungalow to the Zip-Line experience and back again?

      5.    You must stay in at least 3 different locations.

      6.    Use pictures on each slide if possible!

      7.    Please make it realistic and something you would want to experience!

      8.    Edit is carefully for spelling errors, time conflicts, etc.

      9.    Get it turned it by or before Monday, May 25th!  If two are you working on it, only one of you needs to turn it in.  I know who gets credit because your names are on the Title Slide!

      10.  Have fun completing it - it is your last hoorah :>