New MyPortfolio is Live

New MyPortfolio is Live

by Colin Matheson -
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If you haven't checked it out, now is a great time to start.

You now have activity feeds on your home page so you can see if there are new forum posts in your groups, changes to views you are watching, and general activity around the site.

Some of the menus have bee rearranged. The profile page that people see when they click on your name can be edited under My Portfolio->MyViews (you can also edit your home page "Dashboard" view to customize the info you want to see when you log in).

You can now create multipage view collections. This means you can group several views into one larger project. This will add a navigation block to move between the views on all of the views in the collection and allows you to share the entire collection.

Another cool new feature is the ability to change the theme of your views. Right now we have 6 different themes to choose from so your views don't have to be blue. I recommend Sunset.

Feel free to post questions or feedback in the open forum.