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Selfish, profiteering companies with no respect for animal life use methods to force hermit crabs into new shells to increase sales. They have been known to, but not limited to, these cruel methods:

Force the crabs into painted shells and transfer them into a separate tank with no other available shells.
Crack the shell to scare the hermit crab out and then provide only a painted shells for a choice.
Put them into the freezer so they will slow down, then transfer them into a painted shell. Some will die, but the success rate is high enough to still maintain profit.
Leave food and water on the other side of a smaller opening. This forces the crab to leave the shell if he wishes to eat or drink. When on the other side, only painted shells remain.
Crack or drill a hole in their natural shell and use a sharp object to harass and poke the abdomen until they drop out. Then jam them into a painted shell.
Hermit crabs are manually pulled out of their shells and sometimes get ripped apart.
Forcefully pushed into shells that may be too small for them, trapping them within. Unable to eat or drink, they will eventually die.
It’s the responsibility of hermit crab owners to not only look after our own hermit crabs, but the industry as a whole. Hermit crabs should be treated with dignity and respect. Do not support this cruel, inhumane way of treating the little creatures we love.

Say NO to painted hermit crab shells!

A video from CNN shows us some inside footage.

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