Chapter 32 Study Guide

The Spread and Impact of the Reformation

Name _______________________________

1. What is one thing that Lutheran, Calvinist, and Anglican Churches had in common? _________________________

2. Which religion supported theocracy, or a state governed by God through religious leaders? ___________________

3. What was one of the goals of the Council of Trent? __________________________________________________

4. The Jesuits were ___________________________________________________________________________

5. What was one result of the Peace of Westphalia, which ended the Thirty Years' War?_______________________


6. How did the Reformation lay the groundwork for democracy?__________________________________________


7. What denomination of priest would have been most likely to say the following? ____________________________

You must take all the sacraments, believe in God, and do good works in order to reach salvation.

8. What led to the creation of the Anglican Church? ___________________________________________________

9. What did Lutherans believe was the ultimate source of authority? ______________________________________

10.                What followed from the Calvinist idea that people should always live according to God's law? _________


12.                What was the Counter-Reformation? ______________________________________________________

13.                What was one result of the Reformation? ___________________________________________________













14.    Different religions use different types of music in their services. Your teacher will play three music selections and tell you whether each is an example of Catholic, Anglican, or Lutheran music. Listen carefully to each piece, and then write a descriptions of it. Include the following in your descriptions:

    • the language in which the music is sung (English, Latin, or German)
    • one or two beliefs of the religion that are expressed in the music
    • how the music is different from the other two selections



Catholic Music:




Anglican Music:




Lutheran Music: