Chapter 28 Study Guide:
The Renaissance Begins

Name _______________________________

1.       The word renaissance means "rebirth." What was reborn during the Renaissance? _____________________________________

2.       humanism was the belief in the ___________________________________________________

3.       The crusades were Europeans' attempts to conquer the Muslims and gain control of the Christian holy land. One unexpected result of the crusades was


4.       What was one factor that led to the Renaissance? ____________________________________________________________

5.       What new type of economy developed during the Renaissance? _____________________________________________________

6.       Who would have been most likely to speak the following words?

I have made a lot of money in commerce. I've hired a talented painter to decorate the inner walls of the church. I'm sure he'll do a great job.


7.       What geographic factor contributed to Italy becoming wealthy? __________________________________________

8.       What political unit contributed most to the development of the Renaissance? _________________________________________

9.       How did Europe's economy change as trade and commerce increased? ____________________________________________________

10.    What made Italy's city-states unique in Europe during the late Middle Ages? __________________________________________________

11.    Humanists believed in the w_____________ and p______________________ of all people.

Follow the directions to complete the item(s) below.

12.    In this chapter, you have learned about how the Renaissance began. In the diagram below, fill in three factors that contributed to the beginning of the Renaissance.