Chapter 10 Images

Biddle v. Jackson (1832)

This cartoon portrayed Nicholas Biddle, the president of the Second Bank of the United States, boxing with President Andrew Jackson. When Biddle applied for early renewal of the bank's charter in 1832, he hoped that Jackson would quietly sign the bill to avoid disrupting his reelection campaign. Jackson, however, considered the timing of the request a direct threat to his authority. He lashed out at the bank, calling it an "undemocratic, hydra monster," and vetoed the bill. In this cartoon, the boxers are Biddle on the left and Jackson on the right. From left to right: A lady drinking port says "Darken his daylights, Nick. Put the Screws to him my tulip!" Daniel Webster shouts, "Blow me tight if Nick ain't been crammed too much. You see as how he's losing his wind!" Henry Clay, another Bank champion, yelled "Hurrah Nick my kiddy! Hit him a pelt in the smellers!" Martin Van Buren, crouching behind Jackson, cheers "Go it Hickory, my old Duffer! Give it to him in the bread basket, it will make him throw up his deposits!" Next, a mythical Jacksonian hero by the name of Major Jack Downing yells "I swan if the Ginral hain't been taken lessons from Fuller!" and a frontiersman puts down his whisky long enough to holler "Hurrah my old yallow flower of the forrest, walk into him like a streak of Greased lighting through a gooseberry bush!"