1. Why are all medicines drugs, but not all drugs are medicines? 

2. How do vaccines prevent disease? 

3. Why is it important to finish all of the antibiotics in a prescription? 

4. Why is it important to read the label before taking medicine? 

5. Why should you talk to a health care provider before taking any supplements? 

6. How are prescription medicines and OTC medicines different? How are they similar? 

7. Why is it dangerous to take a medicine that was not prescribed for you? 

8. How is medicine abuse different from medicine overuse? 

9. Grant has a cold with a cough and runny nose. He checks the medicine cabinet for any cold medication that will help him feel better. He finds more than one type of cold medicine in the cabinet. Grant is not sure which one he should take. Write a paragraph explaining what Grant should look for in a cold medicine. For example, what symptoms he wants to relieve, how much he should take, and how many hours a dose will last.

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