Three Dimensions of NGSS (Color | B&W)

This three page pdf document provides general information of each of the three dimensions of the NGSS specifically the science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and the crosscutting concepts.

A Look at the Next Generation Science Standards (Color | B&W

This two page pdf document provides a detailed look at the architecture of the NGSS standards.

Venn Diagram of the Practices in Science, Math, and ELA  (Color | B&W)

This pdf shows how the practices of the NGSS, CCSS-Math, and CCSS ELA intersect and support each other.

Matrix of Disciplinary Core Ideas in the NGSS

Here you will find a complete matrix of the disciplinary core ideas of the NGSS by domain

NGSS Explanation for parents/families

Great link to explain why these standards are important

NSTA Position Statement that outlines the reasons why NGSS is important to the improvement of science education.

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