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LXD  The Legion of Extrodinary Dancers is a company that created an innovative webseries inspired by dancers and super heroes with their dance abilities being their super powers. Creator Jon M. Chu took inspiration from comic books, Michael Jackson and the dancers themselves to create LXD.

The company has two main choreographers Christopher Scott and Harry Shum Jr.

Christopher Scott was born in Maryland. His family moved to Hollywood, CA when he was 14. He enrolled in the magnet school for the performing arts, Hollywood High School. He first excelled in tap and then broadened his training. He has been in and choreographed numerous movies including Step Up 2 and Step Up 3. He has garnered a number of notable credits for his choreography including the 82nd Annual Academy Awards and So You Think You Can Dance.


Harry Shum Jr. is known to most of the world by his character on "Glee" Mike Chang. He is a dancer and choreographer known for his mixture of martial arts and quirky humor in his choreography.