May 7th Assignment (due May 10th)


Today, we are doing some vector application problems.  I attached a video below but you may not need to watch the video.  In the video, I did the exact same problems as your assignment but with different numbers.  I challenge you to do the problems without watching the video; however, if you need help please refer to the videos.  Please submit your work below the video and remember that you can take one photo of both papers if that is easier for you.  Have a great weekend.

Best regards,

Mr. Nacht


1.  2.7 kph is current speed and 4.8 kph is the actual vector velocity

2.  a.  They have a force of 439 lbs which is enough to pull out the stump. 

      b.   They would need a 55 degree angle.

3.  a.  The plane travels at 463.4 kph against the wind.

     b.  The plane travels at 537.1 kph with the wind.