April 30th Assignment (due May 3rd)

Hi all,

I hope you and your families are doing well.  It's awesome to see your math work again and it looks great so keep it up!  You'll find the assignment below as a pdf.  Again, either print the worksheet or do it on a separate sheet.  Please submit your assignment below the video explanation by hitting the "Add Submission" button.  Also, I'll send out a zoom meeting if you want to do the problems with me on Friday afternoon.  We will have a small unit test on vectors but that won't be for a couple of weeks.  Keep up the great work!

Best regards,

Mr. Nacht

1a) drawing
1b) 53.9 units
1c)22.8 degrees
2b) 45.5 units @ 73.7 degrees
3a) drawing
3b) 118 degrees
3c) 11.4 units @ 15.3 degrees