April 27th Assignment (due April 29th) with video

Hello all,

We are going to do a different type of assignment.  I've attached a pdf of the assignment.  You can print it out and write on it or you can just do the three problems on a separate sheet of paper.  When you are finished with the assignment please submit your assignment to this document below the video.  You can take a photo or scan it to MySchool.

I made a video of the three problems that you will be doing today.  In the video I just changed the numbers but other than that they are the same problems.  Note: in the video I said angle BAC is 45 degrees and it should be angle BAD (BAD Mr. Nacht).  I also put the answers below the video if you want to check them.  You'll get credit on the assignment for the work you show.  I'll send you a zoom meeting for Tuesday morning if you'd like to do the assignment with me.  

Best regards,

Mr. Nacht


1a) vector AC

1b) 14 units

1c) 6 units

2a)21.9 units

2b) 18.3 degrees

2c) 11.5 units

3a) 51.4 units

3b) 77.7 units