April 20 Assignment (due April 21) with video

Good day,

I hope everyone had a nice restful spring break and is ready to finish up the school year.  We are going to start the topic of vectors which will be new to you if you have not taken physics.  The topic is the same as in physics but we will apply more trigonometry and algebra to the topic.  I made a video for you at 

.  You will then attempt a quizizz at quizizz.com/join?gc=671914.  The quizizz includes many of the ideas in the video that I made for you but I did talk about a couple things that you'll need to know later on in the unit.  

I will be on zoom from 9:00-9:30 if you have questions and want to pop in and say hello.  I emailed you a link to the zoom meeting.  

Best regards,

Mr. Nacht