April 9th Assignment (due April 11th) w/video

Good morning,

This will be your last assignment before spring break.  I'm assigning three Khan Academy videos and one Practice Problem set.  I've also attached a video below of the two types of problems that you will see on this assignment.  You'll need your green formula sheet and will want to look at the Addition Formulas and Double Angle Formulas.  I'm personally bummed because most students enjoy doing the proofs of these in class, but for now just know that all of those formulas are basically derived from the distance formula (or Pythagorean Theorem).  The proofs are in section 10.1 and 10.2 of your text.  I'll be around Friday afternoon to answer questions if you are confused.

After spring break we will start with Vectors.  I hope all of you and your family have a restful and technology free break.

Best regards,

Mr. Nacht