March 27th Assignment (due March 29th)

March 27, 2020

Good morning,

I know some of the modeling with sinusoidal functions was difficult so I’m going to give you an extra credit opportunity today.  I’m going to assign several assignments with arrows, document icons and stars but you only have to do the Unit Test.  The Unit Test has nine questions but I’m going to count it out of six.  For instance if you get 6 out of 9 correct then you get a 100% on the quiz.  Anything over that will give you 1 extra credit test point.  You may want to use the other star icons as practice if you want to get really good at it.  Additionally, I’m posting a couple of videos on Myschool to help you.  Remember: you are only required to do the Unit Test!!  I will make this due Sunday night and I’ll give you full credit for attempting the non-unit quiz star problems due today.  Good luck and may the math be with you!!


For the period use radians and the formula:  .  When you get to the graphs, the exercises are pretty fun because you can manipulate the graphs by clicking and holding the green points.  You’ll be able to move the green points vertically and horizontally, then stretch the graph vertically and horizontally.  If you are having difficulty, please email me and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.  Lastly, when you do the last Practice Problems of Graph Sinusoidal Functions: Phase Shifts you’ll need to factor.  For example:   .  When you factor you notice that h = 2 so the graph is shifted right 2 units.  Do the best that you can on that section.  I’ll check my email periodically if you need help.


My computer is low on memory and not functioning properly so any video conferencing is unstable and glitchy.   I’m working on getting this fixed so next week I’ll be able to preview some of the newer content that we are getting into.  Also, I haven’t updated grades on the last unit test that you took because I can’t use the Chrome app due to my low memory issues.  The Chrome app allows me to see your scores in grid format.  I’ll work on your updating your grades today.  Thank you for your patience. 


Remember that videos have arrows as icons and you are not required to watch videos.  I’m assigning videos for those that need the support and for when we get into new material.  Document icons are also optional but they are a nice quick place to find summaries of the content.  You are required to do the starred problems.  I’m going to start giving credit for the practice problems in the assignment category and unit tests in the assessment categories.  Full credit will be given on assignments with the recommended proficient score, ie 3 out of 4 correct.  This is new:  for a Unit Quiz or Unit Test it will be worth 10 points in the assessment category of your grade and I’ll round all percent scores up to the nearest whole number.  You can take the Unit Quiz or Unit Test as many times as you want so this should improve your overall grade.


Best regards,

Mr. Nacht