March 18-19th Assignment due March 19th

March 18, 2020

Good morning 3rd period,

I hope all of you are safe and relaxed at home.  If you think the coronavirus situation is crazy, even my 90 year old father that was born the year the great depression started and was a teenager during World War II thinks this is about as wild of a time as he’s ever seen.  He doesn’t have a smartphone though!


We are going to start off with some right triangle review through Khan Academy.  I’m planning on posting agendas on Moodle and email directions every couple of days.  This will give you a little time to complete the assignments.  When you are using Khan Academy:


  1. I’m assigning videos but you are not required to watch them if you do not need to.
  2. You must do the practice problems that are assigned and get the minimum required correct which is often three out of four.  If you are struggling then contact a friend on Facetime or email me. 
  3. You must do the unit quizzes and unit tests and get 75% or higher.  This may change as the topics become new and more difficult.
  4. You can do the practice problems, quizzes and unit tests as many times as you want to.
  5. I would highly recommend that you keep a journal of the problems that you are doing.  Showing your work is still important but is difficult to assess through distance learning.


You will need to sign up with Khan Academy at .  If you are having trouble with that link then you can go directly to the website and use the code 2CY4WDES. Please use your first and last name when signing up.  You may use an email other than your account if you’re experiencing a conflict with the Khan Academy site.  Once most people are signed up I can start pushing out assignments to you.  It may take a little time for you to be assigned problems.


As far as grades go, I already mentioned not to worry about your grades and I know that is not an easy thing for you to do.  I haven’t seen what the data will look like on Khan Academy so it may not be a traditional 90-100% A, 80-89% B, etc.  For now, all I’m asking you to do is try.  We really have two important topics left to finish for the year which are the rest chapter 9 and a small part of 10, and vectors.  We may also do some matrices as well.


I’ll be at home as Santa Cruz County has been ordered to Shelter in Place until April 7th.  I’ll actively check my email from 10am-2pm M-F so please feel free to contact me.  My dad’s generation was called to war, we are called to the couchJ  I hope everyone can stay safe as many of you have parents, relatives and family friends that need to still go out and care for us and feed us.  My best wishes to you and yours.


Best regards,

Mr. Nacht