Topic outline

    • Students are expected to make at least 3 journal entries per week, with each entry on a separate day. Each observation should be between 50-100 words in length, and 3 complete entries per week are worth 20 points.

      Journal entries should record what you observe going on in the world around you. Your cumulative journal entries will serve as primary source documentation for these historic times. And, because journalism is often said to be the first "rough draft" of history, you are in essence writing a historical narrative, one day at a time. A complete record record of your observations will be an important part of the final project in this class. 

    • This is the official 13-question Factfulness* Test recommended by Barack Obama and Bill Gates.

      Take the quiz and find out if you have an accurate view of the world.

      Based on studies detailed in Factfulness, by Hans Rosling



    • Brazil is one of many Latin American countries that has faced a trend of rural–urban migration. People in the countryside are poor, and move to try to find a better life in Brazil’s cities. But they often lack the skills to get good jobs, and are forced to live in favelas (shantytowns). Read the following and think about why people from rural areas would choose to stay or go to the big  cities.

    • The Musical "West Side Story" was originally produced back in 1961 and has recently enjoyed a resurgence of popularity on Broadway, and around the country. The production explores many of the themes if immigration and migration that we've been studying. 


      of the song: America. Then answer THESE questions about the various 'push" or "pull" factors discussed in the song. When you are finished, please "submit" the worksheet through this moodle portal for recording. Attached you will find the lyrics to the song, which will be helpful.


  • Culture / Current Events

    • Based on what you learned about American Culture by reading the articles posted in moodle, now it’s time to explore one of the elements in greater detail.

      You are to create a short google slide presentation (you may use canva or Prezi as well) to detail HOW THAT ELEMENT OF AMERICAN CULTURE HAS CHANGED OR DEVELOPED OVER TIME. For example, you could choose: Food, Holidays, Sports, Family Life, Fashion, or Work.  


    • ‘Rites of passage’ are cultural traditions that mark important changes in our lives and serve to reinforce culture in societies. For example, rites of passage include ritual ceremonies intended to mark the transition from one phase of life to another. In North America today, typical rites of passage are baptisms, bar mitzvahs and confirmations, school graduation ceremonies, weddings, retirement parties, and funerals.  These intentionally ritualized ceremonies help the individuals making the transition, as well their relatives and friends, pass through an emotionally charged, and perhaps tense time. Many, but not all rites of passage ceremonies are religious. They not only mark the transition between an individual's life stages but they reinforce the dominant religious views and values of a culture. Also, many cultures have well defined rites of passage for “coming of age”, meaning the passing from youth to adulthood. 


      Coming of Age Rituals


      Traditions from around the world

      Wedding Traditions from Around the World


      13 Amazing Coming of Age Traditions From Around the World

    • For part 1, you may create a powerpoint with pictures and and brief descriptions (in your own words), or a document that includes a short paragraph (at least 2-3 complete sentences). You will turn the document into your World Geo class folder.  

    • Describe what you believe it means to ‘come of age’ in America, and how that differs from at least two other cultures around the world. Please write a complete paragraph of at least 250 words and submit your response in moodle. You must cite at least two sources (not wikipedia) for full credit.

    • This assignment is based on Leonard Read’s classic story, “I, Pencil”

      FIRST: Watch this video detailing the construction of a pencil:

      In an essay of 500 to 750 words (40 points):

      1. Construct a story of your own (not a pencil) that demonstrates the complexity of producing or delivering a seemingly simple product. You should construct your response from the perspective of whatever item you choose. For example, ‘I, Milkshake, or I, Football, etc’. Possible products could include, but are not limited to: 

      • Running Shoes
      • French fries 
      • Notebook  
      • Milkshake 
      • Book 
      • Baseball
      • Scrunchie  
      • T-shirt 
      • Pizza
      • Pair of socks
      • Cup of coffee
      • Down comforter

      Be as creative as you wish, however, your essay must demonstrate specific research on the sources of materials, transportation, and manufacturing process of your item. 


      1. You do not need a formal citation, however please include a link(s) to the source(s) of your outside information at the end of your essay. 

      1. After completing your story, find an image of your product and insert it in your document. 

      1. Post your finished paper to your World Geo class folder. 

      1. Be prepared to discuss (during zoom class) why most people do not marvel at the cooperation and social coordination necessary to accomplish the task you describe in your story? 


      The full text of Leonard Read’s Essay “I, Pencil” on which the video is based, can be found here:

    • For this assignment, you will be required to be creative and ingenious. You are to identify a global company of your choice (Starbucks, Domino's Pizza, Ford, Coca Cola, Spotify, Nike, IHop, etc.) Then, AFTER completing the two Edpuzzle assignments, please fill out as much information as possible on THIS form. You may use Wikipedia, Yahoo Finance, company websites, or any other sources to help in your search. 

      When you have completed the form, SUBMIT the form through Myschool. 


    • For the last two and a half months you have been observing and recording what’s been going on around you. Some are simple journal entries of what you saw, or were thinking or feeling at a particular time. In other entries you expressed strong feelings about things you were reading or watching on the news, or experiencing going on locally, in California, or around the world. Importantly, you have a record that you can now look back on, compare with others, and craft a narrative. We’ve talked about how journalism is the first ‘rough draft’ of history, Now, it’s time to look back and to compare what you were observing, with the observations of your peers and craft a common narrative. 

      So, now - over the next two weeks - you are to craft a digital newspaper (using the Google sites webpage format) of current events, locally, and around the world.



      Working individually, or in small groups of up to 3 students, you are to create a digital Newspaper using Google Sites (recommended), or a Google Slides presentation. The purpose of the project is to inform, educate and entertain the reader with information specific to the historic times (Covid-19 Pandemic) we are living in.

       See Below for more details and additional resources

    • For all the specific details, click HERE.