Topic outline

  • Field Trips

    The 10-12 health class will be attending five field trips during block periods throughout the semester, plus completing the swim test. The classes will not miss any other class for these field trips. The total cost for the five field trips is $25 per person. Please submit cash or check to CHS ASB. Scholarships are available. We do not want anyone not attending sue to cost, just let Leigh Cambra. 

    September 5 - Swim Test - this is a requirement for graduation. We will meet Coach J at the pool to complete the swim test. Bring your suit and towel. 

    September 19 - Hexbox Fitness - new gym in Seaside (owned by CHS alumni)

    September 26 - Farmers Market - walking field trip 

    October 3 - Happy Girl Kitchen - cafe and cannery in Pacific Grove 

    October 24 - Beach walk and mindful meditation 

    November 7 - Sanctuary Rock Gym - new location in Seaside 

  • Nutrition

    The nutrition unit has five lessons with a quiz at the end of each section. Login to Eat Move Win to complete the assignments.


  • Sleep

  • Mental Health

  • AlcoholEDU

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