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  • Carmel High School CCSS Math Resources

    Welcome to the Carmel High School Common Core State Standards in Math (CCSSM) resource page.  In the sections below, you will find answers to many of the questions that you may have regarding Carmel High School's implementation of CCSSM.  The Curriculum + Instruction page on the Carmel Unified School District's site is another place to help inform you of the changes that CCSSM calls for us to implement locally.

  • Course Resources

    After an exhaustive curriculum review process where every available Common Core State Standard aligned textbook program was considered, the Carmel High School math adoption committee chose to adopt the Carnegie Learning textbook series.  The Carnegie Learning series uses a progressive methodology for student centered learning via the student textbook that is supported by procedural practice within each of the Student Assignments book as well as the Skills Practice book.  

    Additionally, the textbook is available online using a student created login. Contact your student's teacher if your student has misplaced or forgotten their login information.

  • Presentations

    Below are links to presentations on Common Core implementation at Carmel High School.

  • CHS Math Course Pathways

    Below are the course pathways available to your student.  Due to the changes called for in the Common Core State Standards, content within these classes has changed, with an increased level of rigor occurring in lower grades.  

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