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    Mrs. Pollock ~ Room 48

     big grin Periods 1, 2, 4, & 5

    831.624.1821 ext 3748

    Access Carnegie Learning Resources:


    LIVE LINK FOUND BELOW #8 - Students have all registered and have access to the e-copy of the Integrated I text workbook and assignment book, using their student e-mail address and password.



    1) On the assignment sheet loaded on Moodle

    2) On Assignment sheet handed out in hard copy to each student

    3) Written on the assignment board daily on the side wall

    4) Written on the front board with the daily goals

    5) Announced at the beginning and end of each period

    6) Are preloaded in Aeries

    7)  Are written down in the electronic tracker as a few minutes of class time is dedicated to this daily

    8)  And always suggested to contact another student and ask them!




    1.  Two Zoom lessons will be conducted weekly, followed by a Q & A time.  The content will be the same at both lessons.  It is up to you to join if you want to get more instruction.  I scheduled them during "math time" and the zoom access code will be the same every Tuesday, 9 a.m.  I will be using a different access code for the Wednesday, 2 p.m. meeting, but the same one for 5 weeks.  I am hoping to connect with you either in the morning Tuesday or afternoon on Wednesday.  Please have paper and pencil ready to go and it will really help if you look at the You Tube videos.  You will have a formula sheet on MySchool and you have one or two Quiz.izz homework assignments that will stay open for one week, until Sunday night of each week.  You may take them twice and each questions permits you 300 seconds, or 5 minutes!  You might want to take the Quiz.izz's once and then catch a lesson so you may ask me questions about that Quiz.izz so when you take it the second time, you will be good to go.  YOU NEED TO JOIN THIS MEETING FROM THE INFORMATION BELOW.  I WILL NOT BE SENDING YOU AN E-mail invitation.

    TUESDAYS 9:00 a.m. ZOOM access code:   9mDffJ                     WEDNESDAYS 2:00 p.m. ZOOM access code:    6Vh1s4     LAST LESSONS THIS WEEK, TUESDAY, MAY 19th and  WEDNESDAY, MAY 20th!!                         

    Meeting ID:                                 Meeting ID:

    2.  You Tube Video and Formula Sheet is now posted for Quiz.izz #5, and this will be the last assignment FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE COMPLETED QUIZ.IZZ #'s 1 - 4!  IF 1-5 are not complete, then you will have one last Quiz.izz, #6 which opens on May 26th and closes on June 1st.  This will be your last assignment for Integrated I!

    3.   If something comes up, please do reach out and communicate!  I do not know about uniques challenges if you do not share with me!  I am always available by e-mail and do respond to my texts, 831.521.8525.  We can FaceTime and Zoom outside of the above times for specific needs.

    Please see MySchool/Moodle for the specifics for each week, starting today!

    This is the last week or two weeks of Integrated I depending on where you are at with the Quiz.izz completion.   I have enjoyed teaching you and look forward to seeing you in person on campus whenever we shall return.  Please come visit me in room 48 and pick up your Compass and Protractor!


    Mrs. P

  • MAY 26th - JUNE 2nd, LAST CHANCE


    Quiz.izz #6 is now ready for you to complete and you will receive a substantial grade bump from it so go for it!  

    It is the only assignment available to complete.   We have no Zoom lessons this week as Quiz.izz #6 is comprised of friendly review questions.  The Quiz.izz will end on Tuesday, June 2nd.  Again, there are no finals in math courses this semester.


    If you completed Quiz.izz work #’s 1-5, then you received full credit for Quiz.izz #6 and are finished with

    the course.  


    Wishing you all a healthy summer!


    Mrs. P

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