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  • Carmel Middle School Chorus

    Click this LINK for the Current Assignments for your class. This is also posted on our Google Classroom.

  • New Student Information (applies to ALL students) & Requirements

    Here you will find everything you need to get started in choir whether you begin the first day of school or later.

    This CHECKLIST will ensure that you complete all tasks. Submit it with all supporting documents when you have completed all tasks on the list. Partially completely checklists will not be accepted.

    1) Course Description Consent Form: Have you read the Course Description carefully paying particular attention to the Grading details and information on Mandatory Performances? This is available ONLY on the MySchool page - paper copies are not being distributed. Submit the signed consent form (both you and your parent must sign). By signing this form, you and your parent are agreeing to abide by the information contained in the Course Description.

    2) Field Trip Permission Form Packets & Parent Waiver: Turn in the packet making sure that ALL forms are completed (permission forms for the CCS and CCDA Honor Choir Festivals will be distributed later to interested students).  All parents complete the “Classroom Volunteer & Field Trip Chaperone” form so that I have this on file if they decide to chaperone an event this year. They only have to do this form once for the whole year!

     3) CMS Music Polo: Submit a check for $15 (made payable to “CUSD Music Boosters”) for your music polo. This will be used for all our performances and is yours to keep at the end of the year. Choir students who already have a red polo that still fits do not need to do this. Financial assistance is available from our generous Music Boosters.

     4) Music Boosters Enrollment Form (OPTIONAL): Turn in a completed enrollment form with check, cash, or pay online (link is on CUSD website). PLEASE consider supporting this vital organization by becoming a member. This is optional but absolutely essential for the health of our music program.

     5) Mandatory Performance Dates: Tear this off and keep for your records. By checking this box you certify that you have posted the printed calendar of mandatory dates and written them in family calendars. An electronic copy is available on the class MySchool page.